Resolving Global Issue to Enhance Overall Health – ED

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Erectile dysfunction refers to the lack to become erect or maintain an erection hard enough for satisfying sensual intercourse. Men that suffer from ED have a coffee blood flow to their penile, resulting from several factors, including stress, high vital sign, or side effects from drugs. However, experiencing erectile problems occasionally does not necessarily mean an individual affected by ED.

Some of the foremost common ED symptoms include:

  • Difficulty getting erect during a sensual encounter
  • Difficulty maintaining the erection long enough for intercourse
  • Reduced interest in lovemaking
  • Low self-esteem

When these symptoms are present, the doctor may diagnose an individual with ED after a physical examination and considering sensual and health history. More screening tests could be performed to make sure the symptoms are not caused by an underlying condition.

Causes of ED

Age: While there is no specific age when the penile stops working, about less than half of men over 40 experience symptoms of ED. This number continues soaring with age, where nearly more than half of men suffer from ED by the time they are 70 years.

Obesity and Sedentary Lifestyle: Being overweight causes testosterone in an individual’s body to show into estrogen. That is why health experts believe a sedentary lifestyle resulting in ED issues.

Diabetes: ED is among the issues that men with diabetes need to accept. Fortunately, controlling blood glucose levels can help lower the danger of erectile difficulty.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol: ED has a stimulating relationship together with the heart’s health. High cholesterol and vital sign also can end in erectile difficulty.

Smoking: Smoking and other sorts of tobacco consumption contribute to ED. That is because tobacco use decreases the blood flow throughout the whole body, including the blood vessels in the penile region. The decrease in blood supply makes it hard for a person to urge and maintain an erection.

Oral medication help

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