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People working in shifts often go through a rough sleep pattern. For some such sleep patterns develops into a sleep disorder. Modalert pill is used in the treatment of such sleep disorders. Suffering from sleep disorder because of working in shift or feeling drowsy; Modalert pill can help you fight back your sleep disorder. Modalert 200 mg pill is a approved pill and is recommended by thousands of doctors to people suffering from any sort of sleep disorder. The pill enhances focus and keeps the mind awake for long hours.

Modalert pill is a USFDA approved (United States Food and Drug Administration) medicine and is recommended by thousands of doctors all over the globe. Modalert pill is used in the treatment of various sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy and daytime sleep. Buy Modalert online from shopmedpills at discounted prices. Online Modalert is best available on our website as we only deal with medicines that are FDA approved.

About Modalert

Modalert is a class of drug which also belongs to the group Nootropics. Modalert is widely prescribed by physicains for treating and enhancing wakefulness in patients suffering from sleep related disorders. Modalert acts as a wakefulness promoting agent which improves alertness in patients and thereby taking care of the fatigue and exhaustion experienced by the patients. This drug is widely used by shift workers who work on different timings and their job requires them to be fully awake and concentrate on it. The exact mode of action of Modalert is still not clear and is not sufficient but many scientist still believe that Modalert elevates hypothalamic histamine levels, leading some researchers to consider modalert as a “wakefulness promoting agent” rather than a classic amphetamine-like stimulant. Modalert should be taken only against prescription from a qualified physician and is not for self-medication. We also recommend the patients to follow the dosages as advised by the physician

Dosage of Modalert

The most common dosage prescribed for “wakefulness” is 200mg once daily. For conditions apart from shift work sleep disorder, Modalertis normally taken in one dose in the morning or in two doses in the morning and at midday.

Side Effects of modalert

We highly recommend to consult a physician before using Modalert, particularly for those with: – Patients who are hypersensitive to drug like lactose or lactose monohydrate
– Patients who have existing problems related to cardiovascular problems, particularly while using other stimulants.
– Patients suffering from Cirrhosis (Irreversible scarring of liver cells).
– Modalert is said to be highly reactive with certain emergency contraceptive pills so the drug might have drug to drug interaction making the contraceptive pill ineffective

Though the drug is highly safe but some mild side effects are due to occur:
Back pain
Stuffy nose
Upset stomach


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